100 Days Of Self-Discovery – Day 1 – Discovery – 3 Minute Read 1

As part of my 100 days of Self-Discovery, I have discovered that documenting my journey through my blog will be the most beneficial way for myself and others to follow my journey.

Part of my discovery process has been challenging because I have had difficulty choosing between writing or video to document my 100 days of self-discovery.

What I realize as I am typing this is that I can choose BOTH.

So that is what I’m going to do.

On the days that I choose to use video to document my journey, that will be included in my blog post. On the days that I choose to use writing, then you will see my writing here.

Being able to choose AND instead of OR has been a big shift for me in my personal life and professional life.

For my entire life, I’ve operated under the guise that I cannot have it ALL.

I told myself that I wasn’t worthy of all that life had to offer.

That simply just isn’t true.

Last week I rediscovered that I can tap into music as my source of inspiration for everything that I create in my life.

Right now I am listening to Bernward Koch and I’m just letting the words flow through me instead of analyzing if they are the perfect words in my head.

I KNOW they are perfect because they are flowing. They are simple. They are elegant. They are unique. They are ME.

When I reflect on my official start day of my 100 days of self-discovery, I realize now that my journey began long ago…

I just choose to document it and share it with YOU.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

There will be ups.

There will be downs.

There will be failures and learning.

There will be successes.

There will be LIFE!



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