100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 12 – Beautiful People – 5 Minute Read

There are so many beautiful people and stories all around us if we can only choose to stop and see them.

Yesterday was another eye-opening experience for me in Hermosa Beach.

For many years, I was the drunk stumbler walking up and down the Pier in Hermosa, mindlessly wandering from bar to bar trying to fill a cup that could never be filled.

I would switch from beer to wine to spirits, and nothing could quench my thirst.

I was looking for connection.

I was looking for real people having real conversations.

I was looking in all the wrong places.

So many times in my life I have read that you will never find what you are looking for in the bottom of a bottle, but I was blissfully ignorant being “that drunk asshole”.

Every holiday weekend revolved around binge drinking and how fucked up I could get.

Looking back, it almost seems crazy to me, but I now understand what shifted in me.

What I was looking for was not in the next stein, it was in myself.

I had to be OK with me.

And now I am well on my way in that journey of life and self-discovery of what makes Brandon tick and what I get to focus on as I make my contribution to the world around me.

Instead of my sitting in a bar drinking by myself last night, I decided to walk down the Pier and I noticed that they were getting ready for the Hermosa Beach Triathlon. There were signs and booths stating the start place and bunch of other necessary gear for the race.

As I was walking up the Pier, I noticed that my favorite coffee joint was open so I stopped in and got a Nitro Brew. (If you are ever in Hermosa Beach, stop by Scapegoat on the Pier. Best coffee ever…)

I stopped and talked to the people working there for a bit, and then finished my coffee and walked out.

I decided to walk up to where the lifeguard station was, and I noticed a security guard working there guarding the stuff for the night so none of got stolen.

I walked up and introduced myself and started a conversation with a complete stranger and had a REAL conversation about life.

It was absolutely wonderful to connect with another soul on this planet that I didn’t know before that moment. I really enjoy meeting new people who are able to bring such a presence to this planet.

I was about to leave, and then I thought he might enjoy a Nitro Brew so I offered to get him one.

I walked back down to Scapegoat and got a Nitro Brew and water and walked back to Dwight and handed it to him.

I thanked him for guarding the equipment and keeping the Pier safe.

Walking back down the Pier, I realized that every one of us is searching for that connection.

We are looking for the real conversation without all the bullshit in the middle.

If we look all around us, there are beautiful people with amazing stories who are willing to share if we will but listen…

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