100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 15 – Creating Change – 2 Minute Read

As I sit here in the airport waiting to fly back to Los Angeles, I reflect on yesterday with open eyes. It was another day of amazing self-discovery for many reasons.

I was able to create some new amazing things with a new business venture and do an amazing interview with Jenny Quinn on Blab.

Being able to sit down and do focused work on each aspect of what I’m working on at the moment has been a huge shift for me.

Before, I would have too many things on my plate and thought I could handle them all.

I was spread too thin.

I really wasn’t accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish because I kept saying YES to everyone.

The moment I started saying NO is when my life changed.

I am able to focus.

I am able to work.

I am able to actually get some shit done.

I am able to push the ball down the field, even it is only 1 yard at a time.

I now choose to approach everything in my life with the following criteria:

What change would I like to see in the world?

That is my new measuring stick and I am really happy with the results.

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