100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 18 – Focus On Forward – 2 Minute Read

I was doing a discussion on Thursday about Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich” on Blab and the subject of focusing on moving forward came up.

Focusing on moving forward is essential to me as I continue to grow as a human being.

Realizing that I can sometimes drift back into a negative space from time to time is normal.

I am now in a discovery mode of what will work for me long-term in my journey of self-mastery. Each day I wake up, I have a memorized routine of meditation, creative writing, physical exercise of one form or another and then begin my day.

On the days I choose to be work days, I get to focus on moving forward with the tasks I have assigned to myself. Some days they don’t get finished and realizing that I can continue them the next day is perfectly ok instead of beating myself up for not being perfect.

Sometimes just choosing something to be done as it is and not perfect is the best way to focus on forward.

As I continue my journey of self-discovery, I choose every day to focus on forward, however that looks each day.

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