100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 19 – Accountability – 4 Minute Read

Setting goals and dreams has enormous power in anyone’s life that decides to implement the process in their life.

Coasting through life and following the path of least resistance is what most people do. I am not most people.

Every day I choose to wake up and better myself in at least one way, no matter how small.

Some days it might be going to the gym and making my body healthier and more fit.

Some days it might be reading and expanding my mind.

Some days it might be slowing down to gather my thoughts and refocus my efforts.

All of the above mentioned self-improvements I choose to do each day isn’t as effective as they can be with accountability.

Accountability through an accountability partner is the most effective method.

What I have found that it is probably one of the most difficult things in the world to accomplish is finding an effective accountability partner.

The next question is: do I pay them to hold me accountable? If so, what is that worth to me? If not, how effective will it truly be?

When it comes to fitness, there are some great fitness coaches and personal trainers that can hold you accountable until your fitness becomes a habit.

When it comes to building businesses, there are some great business coaches that exist that can guide you through the milestones of building a business.

In any area of my life, being accountable will guarantee that I produce more results than not being accountable.

Accountability involves tracking progress. It involves pivoting and tweaking what is working and what is not working on a weekly basis, and sometimes a daily basis.

The most difficult part of accountability is determining what is working and what is not.

I can have an accountability partner on paper, but maybe that is not the best method for me. Maybe that particular person or method is not my best fit.

When I do find an effective accountability partner or system, I hold onto it for dear life.

I have a found a few good methods in my life, but I am still searching for the perfect fit for me.

Until that time comes, I will continue to tweak and pivot my progress and compare it to last week.

And then compare it to last month… And then last year.

Bottom line is: Tracking your progress and being accountable to that tracking is probably one of the best kept secrets in life and business.

It’s simple to start and implement, but an absolute pain in the ass to be persistent with.

Are you ready to have better results in any area of your life?

What can you start tracking and being accountable with TODAY?

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