100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 21 – Pivoting – 2 Minute Read

When pivoting is discussed in nearly every context, it usually will be talking about an existing business or a startup.

Today, I am talking about pivoting in my personal and professional life.

Yesterday, I came to a big conclusion after many months of coaching that I was the one who was getting in my own way.

I was my biggest roadblock to the real success that I am after.

I am no longer going to allow myself to stop me from pursuing what I feel is best in my life.

The cool thing is that I now understand what it was that causing my self-sabotage.

It was simply fear.

Fear of real success.

Fear of being worthy to succeed.

Fear of making more money than I have in the past.

I feel the fear isn’t gone, but I embrace and love the fear.

I hug it and love it and make it mine.

And then I breathe and simply push forward.

Quite a simple process to read but another process entirely to enact.

My choice today is to pivot into the fear and run with it.

Is there anything in your life that you need to pivot?

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