100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 5 – Shining My Light – 2 Minute Read

When I feel into what ‘shining my light’ means to me, it gets pretty scary. Not because of the possibility of being wrong or ridiculed for shining my light, but for the magnitude that it represents in me and to the rest of the planet.

You might think that this will be a ‘woo-woo’ post, another self-discovery post or something else entirely.

My point is: it’s me expressing my feelings and thoughts at this very moment and sharing them with you.

That is what Shining My Light represents and means to me.

Each day, I have the ability to increase the consciousness and awareness of those around me and those I have direct and indirect contact with.

And each I choose to share and talk about whatever it is I’m feeling inspired to share.

Some days it will be small and light…

Some days it will be heavy and thought-provoking…

That is the point of this self-discovery path that I am on. To discover what really makes me tick… On the inside and on the outside.

By me sharing my daily thoughts and writing them down, I am creating a road map for myself and others to follow or not follow. That is completely up to the person reading this.

I am not worried about the result.

I am simply being myself, sharing my world with you and you decide what you take from it.

I am learning every day…

I am growing every day…

I am becoming the best version of myself every day…

And that makes me smile 🙂

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