100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 8 – Clear Communication – 3 Minute Read

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me. I chose to speak up in a space and environment that I would not have 6 months ago.

What changed?

I did.

I chose to use my voice and begin the conversation of change in a NEW direction.

Notice I did not say the right direction.

There is no right or wrong direction in my life. It is simply moving forward in a NEW direction when something is not working.

Did I communicate effectively without judgment or finger pointing?


That is something that I get to work on and I am consciously choosing to become a Master Communicator in every area of my life.

I am surrounded by people every day that just need to be heard and listened to.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they want someone to listen to them, they just want to feel like their message is being understood and heard.

Communicating with people is actually very easy and very difficult at the same time.

It’s easy because I can simply just say the words I am thinking and it gets the point across.

It’s difficult because if I choose less effective words, then I don’t get the message across I am trying to portray.

As we hone our craft, whether it’s underwater basketweaving or being a Power Rangers stunt double, learning to communicate effectively might just be the single most important skill to learn, (next to saying NO of course).

As I continue my day forward, I will choose to be consciously aware of my words that are coming out of my mouth and my keyboard, while also being as authentic and transparent as possible.

That might sound like a tall order, but I’m willing to give it a go…

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