Cashing A Dead Mans Check – 3 Minute Read 4

As I was standing there in the convenience store in Hermosa Beach talking to my friend, a customer came up the register and was attempting to buy a drink.

She opened her purse and started pulling out change to pay for it. The total was $3.99 and all she had was $2.50.

My inner voice said I should pay for it, so I offered to cover the difference.

I went out to my car and got the remaining $1.49 to pay for her drink.

As I came back in, she said she didn’t even have the $2.50, so I offered again to pay for it.

I went back out to the car and opened up the console and saw a dollar I found on the street the night before and decided that is why I found that particular dollar. To pay it forward.

I paid for her drink and gave her the lucky dollar and the 2 dollars she had back to her and simply asked her one request.

That when the moment presents itself, that she pays it forward to someone else in need.

After I talked with her for a little while, I found out that she was a caretaker and the man she was taking care of passed away and she couldn’t bring herself to cash the last check he gave her.

She was on her way to a job interview and simply needed a drink to calm her nerves.

In the grand scheme of life, I know that each moment I can choose to act or not act to what my inner voice says to me.

I always try my hardest to listen to that voice when it speaks to me and act on what is asked of me.

At that moment I gave her the money back, she had a tear in her eye and simply said, “Thank ¬†You.”

I don’t know if I will ever meet her or see her again, but I do know this:

At that moment, I consciously chose to make the world a better place…

And I will continue to do so until my last breathe.

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