Life Lessons

100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 12 – Beautiful People – 5 Minute Read

There are so many beautiful people and stories all around us if we can only choose to stop and see them. Yesterday was another eye-opening experience for me in Hermosa Beach. For many years, I was the drunk stumbler walking up and down the Pier in Hermosa, mindlessly wandering from […]

100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 7 – Death Is A Delicate Dance – 5 Minute Read 1

Over the weekend, one of Julie’s friends in Utah passed away unexpectedly and it brought up a lot of old feelings and new feelings surrounding death in my life. I found myself grieving for the loss of my 2 older brothers, my niece and many others over the years. When […]

100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 6 – My Version of Church – 3 Minute Read

As I am laying by the pool, listening to my audiobook and enjoying the warm weather, I catch myself thinking about how lucky I am. I am so grateful and blessed to live in a such a beautiful place in Southern California. I’m surrounded by palm trees, the beach is […]

100 Days of Self-Discovery – Day 5 – Shining My Light – 2 Minute Read

When I feel into what ‘shining my light’ means to me, it gets pretty scary. Not because of the possibility of being wrong or ridiculed for shining my light, but for the magnitude that it represents in me and to the rest of the planet. You might think that this […]