Different Kinds Of Love – 4 Minute Read

Different kinds of love are shown in different ways. Each friend or family member displays their love and affection for you in a very special way that is as unique as their fingerprint. Each person has the ability to choose love the easy way or the hard way.

To delve further into what I mean from the above statement, let me share a story with you.

Once upon a time, there was this parrot that could only speak French. Every other parrot around him could only speak Italian. All of the other parrots could get along, enjoy conversation with each other and generally live a normal life.

The French-speaking parrot sat there all day every day trying to communicate to the other parrots, but couldn’t no matter how he tried. He would start yelling and screaming at the other parrots for being arrogant and ignorant because they couldn’t understand him.

What the French-speaking parrot didn’t realize is the other parrots wanted to understand him but didn’t have a foundation on how to understand him.

They both spoke in entirely different languages and neither of them had taken the effort to understand the language of the other one.

The point of my story is that each one of us communicates and shows love differently. Some of us show it matter-of-factly, while some of us only show it through aggravation and heartache.

We go through life wondering why some people “show” love to us, and wonder why some others do not.

What I have realized in my life is this: I love the way I love and everyone else loves the way they love. I cannot change how others display their love.

The only thing I can do is to attempt to understand the type of love they are speaking and realize that is enough.


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