I Give Up – 2 Minute Read

I know I’ve had that thought many times in my life and I honestly can say that sometimes it went further than a thought.

Many people have told me that they don’t know how I’ve made it through what I’ve made it through.

I tell my story and it sounds like a fiction novel written by a best selling author.

But it’s not. It’s my life…

With all of the ups, all of the downs and all of the scrapes and bruises that come with life.

But Brandon, why would you want to give up?

I don’t and I never will.

I’m just saying that I am just like you.

I have thoughts of wondering if it would be easier if I wasn’t here in this life.

I have thoughts of wondering what it’s like on the other side.

I also know that my journey and why I’m here on this planet is just starting.

My contribution to the world is telling my story.

Sharing my pain so others can heal.

Sharing my successes so other can carve out their own path of success.

Sharing my failures so others can see that it truly is never failing, only learning.

Sharing my gift of music so others can have their souls saturated with peace and love.

My journey is just beginning…

Follow me on my journey.


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