Keep Moving Forward – 3 Minute Read

As I’m sitting here in nature contemplating my life, my direction and my true purpose in life, I find myself thinking about my older brother David.

He was the personification of a loving and giving being. He was the “glue” that helped so many our family heal and create a new life after our upbringing.

I was sitting in Tikrit, Iraq in 2005 a few weeks into my first deployment and I was scared shitless.

I didn’t know what to expect, my family and friends were worried about me and I had a long 14 months ahead of me.

I was on my daily shift in our makeshift office about to finish up and get some sleep.

As I was sitting down, I got a message from my brother Jason saying that I needed to call home immediately.

I got on the phone and I heard the worst news I’ve received in my life since the suicide of my older brother Clayne.

My older brother David passed away and I was half a world away and didn’t know what to do.

It took 5 days for me to get back home to Utah and lay my brother to rest…

Those were the longest 5 days of my life.

I was coming from a combat zone in Iraq where I wondered about my own mortality every day to coming home to Utah to bury my idol.

My thoughts were going in many different directions and I was asked to deliver a eulogy at his funeral.

I don’t remember the words I spoke, but I do know that I spoke from my soul.

I cried….

I smiled…

I remembered all the good times…

And then I started the grieving process and began to come to grips that I would never see David again in this life.

I miss David and think about him every day.

I also realize that each of us come to grips every day with dealing with our own mortality.

Each day I get sad…

Each day I get happy…

Each day I move forward…

And that is what is important to me:

Keep Moving Forward…

Keep Moving forward

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