Life Is Short – 5 Minute Read

Life is short. Don’t waste any time doing what you hate. Say I Love You to those who are important to you. Get over your fear of being vulnerable. Let go of your anger towards the people you feel have wronged you. Cherish your sweet memories of the real currency in your life: your family and friends.

This week, I have decided to write about the undeniable fact that life is so unbelievably short and unpredictable, that we cannot afford to live the lives we think we should be living, based on the sole fact that we feel that society says we have to.

Who says you cannot be a musician in Europe? Who says you cannot live in Costa Rica? Who says you cannot travel the world as a career?

The only person that is stopping you from doing what you really want to do is: YOU!

Most of us, including myself, go through life trying to do what others think we should be doing. We go to school because we want a high paying job. We want a high paying job so we can buy a house and cars we want. We want a house and cars because that is what we feel we are supposed to have. We pinch, we save and we scrimp through saving and saving in hopes that one day we can retire and live where we really want to live and do what we really want to do.

So, why don’t you just do that NOW? What is stopping you from taking the steps to following and living your dream life? Really think about that one for a minute. If you want to live on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, what is stopping you? A job? Your family? Whatever it is that you feel is holding you back, I suggest you try something.

Talk to your family and friends and ask them if what they are doing is their dream life? If it’s not, then ask them why. Try to talk to at least 5 close friends and family and write down there responses. Chances are that most of their answers will be close to same. Then ask them what is the worst thing that can happen if they take a chance and follow their dream. I also think that most of these answers will be the same. My last question would be this: will your life and the world come to an end if you take a chance on your dream?

What is the point of working yourself to death for 65 years and then “retire”?

As you can already probably surmise, I am taking this challenge on myself as I write this. I have sold or given away all of my physical possessions in the United States and moved to Mexico to volunteer my time at an orphanage. That is something that I have wanted to do for many years and now I’m doing it! Was it tough to make the decision to do it and follow through with that decision? Damn right it was! But it felt so good to make the decision and follow through with it. I now have the ability to start creating a pattern of life changing decisions all geared towards living MY dream life.

What is next on my plate after my volunteer work in Mexico? I am writing a book about Lifestyle Design! And I will be writing it on a beach somewhere where I get to wake up each morning and have coffee on the beach and go paddle boarding. I have made the decision to do it, and I will do it.

I will close with this.

Most of you reading this will think to yourselves that you cannot afford to take a chance in your current situation in life.

How can you afford NOT TO?

Life Is Short


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