What Is Your Idea Of Happiness? 3 Minute Read

Everyday I see people who are living their lives who are happy and content with their “mediocrity”. I also see people who are monetarily very wealthy but they are the most unhappy people I’ve ever met.

If you want to stand in the middle of Times Square in your underwear everyday with a guitar and spend your nights in the gym, so be it! Who am I to judge you or tell you that isn’t the correct way to live your life?

It’s YOUR life and you can live it how you damn well please. We are constantly told that unless we achieve uber amounts of success and greatness, we “didn’t make it”. I call bullshit. 

Every person on this planet has a different description of what happiness is to them that is as unique as their fingerprint. That is what makes you… YOU! 

Happiness to me is giving more than I take. It is doing something extraordinary when everyone around me is doing the ordinary.

I love the pursuit of happiness and all that it entails. Chasing my dream, whatever it may be that day, month or year is what gives me the fuel to wake up each day and give my best. That is what makes me happy. 🙂

Happiness is…?

Happiness Is...



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